SX1200 Blower

SX1200 Blower

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Astral SX1200 Blower is a 2 stage single speed air blower which will deliver a strong and reliable massage, creating the ultimate relaxing sensation. This powerful two stage motor is designed for high head performance. It is also EMC suppressed, to achieve whisper quiet operating levels for your spa. Air blowers mix the air and your Pool or Spa water to create a relaxing environment. It works by creating air flow and then channelling that air through a pipe plumbed system that is connected to jets in your pool or spa. An air blower is also sometimes referred to as an air pump or a bubbler, because it creates bubbling in the spa water. There are two common Spa blower setups that pool builders use. This setup requires a series of holes drilled into the spa - usually at the seats and floor. The spa would be installed with a pipe channel system where by the air from the spa blower is then channelled to these holes. In this method, air is ported to individual “jets”. This is connected to fittings in the seat area or floor. Each of these fittings has an individual air supply going to it.


Key Features:

•   Powerful two stage motor designed for high

•   pressure air

•   Option air switch operation

•   Unique design to lower noise and keep

•   moisture out

•   Suitable for outdoor swimming pool and

•   in-ground spa applications


1 year warranty


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